About Healthwaves & Sonora Quest

Healthwaves Corporate Wellness Team has been providing worksite wellness, laboratory screening, and immunization services since 1986 under the direction of Patrick N. Connell, M.D., FACEP.  Sonora Quest, our reference laboratory of choice, has a proven track record of award-winning quality, including being a recipient of the Arizona Governor’s Award for Quality. Healthwaves believes that Sonora Quest Laboratories is the gold standard in Arizona, and quality is absolutely paramount in our view. Sonora Quest is used by thousands of Arizona physicians, and thus offers the continuity of care our clients have come to expect. Our experienced Healthwaves professionals, follow-up educational reports, and support programs have 30 years of demonstrated success in preventive medicine.

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To download our Lab Screening
HW 2018 Public Consent 09.04.18.pdfLab_Screenings_files/HW%202018%20Public%20Consent%2009.04.18.pdfLab_Screenings_files/HW%202017%20Public%20Consent_08.28%20update.pdfshapeimage_4_link_0

Basic Food Panel $75

Tests 46 items (includes: milk, eggs, meats and grains).

Southwest Regional Inhalant Panel $75

Tests 45 items (includes: grasses, dust, pollens and
pet hair).

Comprehensive Food Panel $140

Tests 90 items—all of basic panel plus many more
food items.


Basic Food and Southwest Regional
Inhalant Panels $130

Comprehensive Food and
Southwest Regional Inhalant Panels $185

SMAC-31 Super Panel $35

8 hours fasting, water and medications only.

Includes: Total Cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglycerides, glucose, kidney and liver function, nutrition, iron, bone, electrolytes & more.

Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) $48

Recommended for men 40 and older.

Cardio IQ $ 85

8 hrs fasting (water & medications ok)

Lipoprotein Fractionation w/lipids. (Includes

LDL Particle Number,Pattern, HDL Large, LDL

Small, Medium, etc + complete lipid profile)

C-Reactive Protein-High Sensitivity $35

8 hours fasting (preferred). Helps predict heart attack risk.

Ferritin $40

Major iron storing protein in the body.

Complete Blood Count (CBC) $20

Tests for anemia and assesses the different cells found in the blood.

Hemoglobin A1C $25

No fasting necessary. This test is used for diabetic patients

to monitor glucose control over the last few months.

Homocysteine $90

Colorectal Cancer Screening $30

Take-home kit for fecal-occult blood. Kit must be returned in provided envelope to Healthwaves.

PT/INR $20

Clotting time of blood.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Panel $95

8 hours fasting (preferred).

Apolipoprotein A-1 & B $68

A more advanced and sensitive indicator of
cardiovascular risk.

Sedimentation Rate $25

Testosterone Adult Males Total $85

Hormone secreted by testicles in men, ovaries in women, and in small amounts by

adrenal glands.

Testosterone Total & Free $85

Measures total as well as free amount circulating not attached to a protein.

Testosterone Total WOMEN & CHILDREN $85

This test is recommended for females, children less than 18 & hypogonadal males.

TSH Thyroid $38 | T3U, T4 & T7 Thyroid $28

Both Thyroid Panels $58

Normally $66, you save $8.

Free T3 $48  *New lower price!

Thyroid hormone circulating not attached to a protein⇁more specific test than the panel.

Free T4 $35  *New lower price!

Thyroid hormone circulating not attached to a

protein⇁more specific test than the panel.

Vitamin D Test $48
Fasting preferred, primarily recommended to check for Vitamin D deficiency which is common in children
and adults.

Vitamin B12 Test $75

Found in meat, fish & diary. Helps with fatigue,

memory, prevent anemias, lowers homocysteine.

Folate (Folic Acid) $55

8 hrs fasting preferred (water only). B vitamin important for cell growth, metabolism, neurologen & cardiac health.

*New Test

Hepatitis C Antibody $48

With reflex to RNA Quant. No fasting required.

Please double check your selections and complete both sides of this formLab_Screenings_files/HW%202018%20Public%20Consent%2009.04.18_1.pdf

Locations open to the public, 9am-12:30pm
(unless otherwise noted)

Monday, July 15


Fry’s: Bella Vista Rd & Hunt Hwy, QUEEN CREEK

Fry’s: 4815 E Carefree Hwy, CAVE CREEK

Tuesday, July 16


Fry’s: Florence Blvd & Colorado, CASA GRANDE

Wednesday, July 17


Fry’s: Ellsworth Rd & Broadway Rd, MESA

Fry’s: Bell & Reems Rd, SURPRISE

Thursday, July 18


Bashas’: 99th Ave & Beardsley, PEORIA

Friday, July 19


Fry’s: Tatum Blvd & Shea Blvd, PHOENIX

Saturday, July 20


Nature’s Health Shoppe

    Alma School Rd & Elliot Rd, CHANDLER

Fry’s: Pantano & Speedway, TUCSON

AJ’s: 67th Ave & Beardsley, GLENDALE

Monday, July 22


Fry’s: Power Rd & Baseline Rd, MESA

Tuesday, July 23


Arrowhead Physicians Plaza III Building:

Palo Verde Room 18699 North 67th Ave, GLENDALE


Fry’s: Pinal Ave & McCartney Rd, CASA GRANDE

Wednesday, July 24


Fry’s: Warner Rd & Val Vista Dr, GILBERT

Thursday, July 25


Fry’s: Via Linda & 90th St, SCOTTSDALE

Bashas’: RH Johnson & Meeker Blvd, SUN CITY WEST

Friday, July 26


Clark’s Food & Drug: 100 Verde Valley School, SEDONA

Fry’s: Harrison Rd & 22nd St, TUCSON

Saturday, July 27


Fry’s: Lake Pleasant & Happy Valley, PEORIA

Bashas’: Signal Butte & Apache Trail, APACHE JUNCTION

Monday, July 29


Fry’s: Bell Rd & 32nd St, PHOENIX

Tuesday, July 30


Fry’s: Miller & Indian School Rd, SCOTTSDALE

Wednesday, July 31


Fry’s: Grand Ave & 107th Ave, SUN CITY

Fry’s: McClintock & Baseline Rd, TEMPE

Thursday, August 1


Fry’s: Bell Rd & 43rd Ave, GLENDALE
Bashas’: Ellsworth & Brown, MESA

Friday, August 2


Fry’s: Roger Rd & 1st Ave, TUCSON

Saturday, August 3


Fry’s: 950 W Fair St, PRESCOTT

Monday, August 5


Fry’s: Kolb Rd & 22nd St, TUCSON

Fry’s: Hayden Rd & Thompson Peak Pkwy, SCOTTSDALE

Tuesday, August 6


Arrowhead Physicians Plaza III Building:

Palo Verde Room 18699 North 67th Ave, GLENDALE


Fry’s: Waddell & Litchfield Rd, SURPRISE

Wednesday, August 7


Fry’s: Greenfield Rd & Main St, MESA

Thursday, August 8


Fry’s: Swan & Grant Rd, TUCSON

Friday, August 9


Fry’s: 201 N Switzer Canyon Rd, FLAGSTAFF

Bashas’: 7th St & Missouri, PHOENIX

AJ’s: Lone Mountain & Scottsdale Rd, SCOTTSDALE

Saturday, August 10


Fry’s: Buckeye Rd & Avondale Blvd, AVONDALE

Bashas’: Coffee Pot Dr & Yavapai Dr, SEDONA

Monday, August 12


    Sun Lakes Cottonwood Club:

    25630 Brentwood Dr, Sun Lakes


Fry’s: Val Vista & Baseline Rd, GILBERT

Bashas’: RH Johnson & Meeker Blvd, SUN CITY WEST

Thursday, August 20


Arrowhead Physicians Plaza III Building:

Palo Verde Room 18699 North 67th Ave, GLENDALE